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The ideal location

The ideal location

Verdun is located in the middle of a basin with some 80,000 inhabitants and is a service hub for the surrounding area. With good transport links to Paris and Strasbourg via the motorway and the TGV Est line and a location close to the Belgian, Luxembourg and German borders, the city of the dragée or ‘sugared almond’ boasts the ideal location for economic development.

Geography and demographics

Verdun is also the sub-prefecture of the department of Meuse and the most heavily populated city in the department, with a total of 20,255 inhabitants recorded during the last census. Thanks to its location, mid-way between larger urban centres (60km from Metz, 100km from Nancy and 120km from Reims) and close to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, the city boasts a strategic location at the crossroads of the economic hubs of the wider area. This position is only reinforced by the many infrastructures in close proximity to the city, including the Meuse TGV station, the railway network, the A4 motorway, Metz Nancy Lorraine, 60km away, and Luxembourg International Airport, 80km away.


As a service hub, with a hospital centre, a garrison and a variety of cultural outlets, among other things, Verdun is home to a network of small and medium-sized businesses which are increasing in number from one year to the next.
The food processing and chemicals industries are the two mainstays of the city’s industry, along with more traditional businesses such as lime kilns and the local specialty, Verdun sugared almonds (Internal link: ). ). There are, in fact, three industrial estates located around the city, as well as the Souhesmes area which stands alongside the A4 motorway.
The ‘Actipole’ urban regeneration area is also home to a very diverse selection of businesses.
Attracting some 500,000 visitors every year, tourism also makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

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