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Verdun Sugared Almonds

Verdun Sugared Almonds

From yellow, green and blue to purple and even pink, Verdun sugared almonds are available in all the colours of the rainbow! These sweet delicacies are world-renowned and truly symbolic of the City, having been part of France’s gastronomic heritage since they were first produced in 1220.


The sugared almond was originally invented by an apothecary from Verdun who had the idea of encasing the almonds he used in a mixture of sugar and honey which hardened on cooking to help preserve the nuts and make them easier to transport. Thus he created the Verdun sugared almond, which quickly became a delicacy, much sought-after in particular for its remedial properties. It was considered good for both the breath and the digestion but was particularly well-known for fighting infertility, which is why it came to be found on French tables at all family events, such as weddings, christenings and communions, among other things.


The delicacy was produced in the form of pralines until around 1600, after which time it took on a more almond-like form with a smooth appearance. Several varieties of sugared almond have appeared over the years, including chocolate, nougatine and pistachio ones, to cater for all tastes.

Nowadays, the Maison Braquier is the only factory in Lorraine still producing sugared almonds using the traditional artisanal methods.

Verdun Sugared Almonds

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