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Verdun Cathedral

Verdun Cathedral

Verdun Cathedral, the oldest in Lorraine, was built in the 10th Century based on the large basilicas of the Rhineland and has had countless makeovers over the course of the centuries.


The Roman-style eastern chancel was built in the 17th Century and is flanked by two portals, including the so-called ‘Lion’s portal’, which represents the four evangelists and is clearly visible from the outside.
The arches on the nave and the aisles were built in the 14th and 15th Centuries, when the Gothic-style side chapels were also added.
A cloister consisting of an elegant bay was added to the cathedral’s architecture later, during the 16th Century.

Following the World War I bombings, the monument was restored and the crypt renovated to incorporate modern capitals inspired by 1914-1918 scenes of combat.

The cathedral was listed as a historic monument on 30th October 1906 and later consecrated on 10th November 1935.

Cathedral Crypt