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St. Maur Crypt

St. Maur Crypt

This listed historic monument was probably built shortly after the year one thousand and is one of the vestiges of the St. Maur Benedictine Abbey.

Tradition has it that this place was originally used as a baptistery for the early Christians and as a burial site for the remains of three of the early bishops of Verdun, including St. Maur, who died in the late 4th Century.

The crypt appears to have been influenced by the architecture of the Rhineland in terms of its style and consists of two separate parts:

  • the eastern part, built around 1011, the primitive layout of which consists of three naves and four bays topped with groined arches, making it a rare example of the first Roman art in Verdun.
  • the western part, also known as the Martyrium, built between 1020 and 1050.

The crypt is located at 27 Rue de la Paix and can be visited on European Heritage Days, when guided tours are available.

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